Protecting our Environment

Protecting and providing a sustainable environment for future generations is a very serious responsibility which is why we’ve taken and will continue to take meaningful actions to reduce our impact on the environment.

Commitment to the Environment

As one of Australia’s leading providers of large vehicle fleets, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and that of our customers.

We are passionate about taking real measures to protect the unique and fragile environment in which we work and live, which is why Eclipx is a Climate Active Carbon Neutral certified organisation.

Climate Active is the only Australian Government recognised certification, awarded to businesses and organisations that have credibly reached a state of achieving net zero emissions, otherwise known as carbon neutrality.

Eclipx was the first fleet provider in Australia to be Climate Active certified and have proudly retained certification since 2016.

Certification and Disclosure Documents

2021 Carbon Credit Retirement Schedule
2021 Greenhouse Gas Assessment
2021 Carbon Offsetting Certificate
2021 Climate Active Certificate
2021 Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement
2021 Emissions Assessment for Eclipx Group Ltd

2022 Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement – Projection
2022 Greenhouse Gas Assessment
2022 Climate Active Certificate
2022 Climate Active Public Disclosure Statement

Journey to Carbon Zero

Organisations are increasingly focused on their role as good corporate citizens and reducing their environmental impact. While intent and momentum for businesses to move to a zero-emission fleet is building rapidly, we understand that it’s not always achievable in the immediate term and can be a challenging process to navigate.

That’s why we’re supporting our customers on the 5-Step Journey to Carbon Zero – a comprehensive program with competitive financials solutions, to transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

We are uniquely positioned to provide one of Australia’s most competitive financial solutions, supporting our customers to transition to a zero-emission electric fleet. We achieve this by offering:

  • a 0.5% discount1 on the interest rate of fleet operating leases – this is in addition to our already highly competitive finance rates; and,
  • highly competitive residual values (RVs)2 – making the financial decision to transition from Internal Combustion Engines equivalents easy.

Working together the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) invests on behalf of the Australian Government and has a key focus on cutting emissions across the economy, including transport. Working alongside the CEFC, we deliver a unique offering to the Australian fleet landscape – featuring a 0.5% discount on eligible low emissions passenger and light commercial vehicles. We have financed more than A$75 million worth of vehicles via our clean energy funding facility, since its establishment in 2015.

Highly competitive residual rates are guaranteed2

We offer highly competitive residual values and our bold approach makes it an easy decision for customers to switch from fossil-fuel emitting vehicles. Importantly, the principles on which we make this offer are three-fold. We:

  • have a strong belief in the future of EVs and confidence in Australia’s move to become an EV dominant market;
  • are passionate about the positive environmental impacts which EVs yield; and,
  • have an unwavering commitment to supporting our customers in achieving their zero-emission fleet goals.

In practical terms, the combination of these financial measures – the interest rate discount and highly competitive RV – deliver very competitive monthly operating lease rentals and a compelling reason for our customers to transition to EVs.

A Strategic and Well-Planned Journey

Our approach is to guide our customers through a 5-step journey.


The first step is to consider what the business is trying to achieve in terms of emissions reductions and over what timeframe. We play a key role in this stage by decades of fleet management expertise and strategic consulting, thereby supporting our customers to define and clearly document their carbon strategy.


Understanding the fundamental purpose of the fleet and how it is being used is the next step. We have a range of tools to analyse fleet usage and provide critical data to inform this process.


The selection of vehicles is an important step to ensuring that they work for the intended purpose. There are several things to consider when selecting more sustainable vehicles, and the timing and funding of those vehicles is paramount.


Charging and the associated infrastructure keeps vehicles moving and drivers on the road. Mapping and managing the installation of charging solutions is critical to the overall success of any carbon reduction strategy. Partnering with JetCharge, Australia’s leading charging infrastructure specialists, we guide our customers through this process.


Transitioning to an electric fleet can be met with some reluctance by staff, due to the perceived limitations of range and features. So, getting staff on board and excited about moving to more sustainable vehicles takes careful planning and a well-considered communications program. Our solution helps to combat misconceptions and educate on the benefits of an EV fleet.

1The 0.5% interest rate discount is applied to the prevailing interest rates set by FleetPartners to calculate monthly lease rentals. 2The RV guarantee applies to the RV set by FleetPartners on the ICE vehicle equivalent.

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