Our Workplace & Values

We understand the importance of employee engagement and have introduced initiatives to ensure our team members are heard.

We have launched virtual town hall meetings to keep the team updated and connected with our successes, wins and business updates, as well as giving team members the opportunity to ask questions to our CEO and Executive committee.

Our intranet has regular updates coupled with an online CEO suggestion box enabling team members to provide feedback, comments and suggestions either directly or anonymously. In addition, we’ve launched quarterly employee feedback surveys, to better understand how our team members are feeling about their work opportunities, as well as the Group’s COVID-Response as the situation evolved across both Australia and New Zealand.






Health and Wellbeing

We care deeply about our team members and are committed to ensuring their health and wellbeing. We’ve adopted numerous initiatives with the aim to assisting their health and wellbeing including offering: free flu vaccinations each year; 2 half days of leave to receive their COVID-19 vaccination; 5 additional days of annual leave per year; and partnering with Reborn Fitness to encourage up take and participation in free fitness/gym classes from home. We’ve also adopted a new Employee Assistance Program which offers mental health support to all team members and their family members.



Eclipx first partnered with the Resilience Project during the initial COVID-19 lockdown, to provide an online wellbeing program created to support physical and mental health. The Resilience Project’s top 10 strategies for building resilience and happiness were shared with all employees via an email series twice a week and was available on the Group Intranet and workplace social media platforms.

Team Member Development and Mentorship

We aim to provide team members with meaningful work and development opportunities across the Group. These opportunities can be adopted in multiple ways, including internal mobility, study assistance, as well as mentorship programs. In FY21, we embarked on enrolling all people leaders in a series of 2-hour virtual workshops. Developing the leadership practices of our leaders helps to multiply the positive impacts that they have on others, which drives business performance through productivity, talent retention and engagement, and ultimately bottom-line sales.

We recognise that personal growth and development of our people improves individual and organisational capability, and team members are encouraged to take up these opportunities wherever possible.

In addition to supporting the professional growth and development of our team, we offer a trainee program. This program injects talented, smart, motivated and highly driven trainees into our business, while providing the trainees with fantastic business experience across operations, sales and customer service with 2021 marking the first year of trainee graduates.

Workplace Flexibility

We understand the importance of balancing work, life and personal commitments. Fostering an environment that allows our people to create this balance, will ensure we can attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce now and into the future. We also recognise that this approach leads to greater productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction. To ensure this, we’ve adopted initiatives such as “Dress for your Day”, which allows team members to choose what they wear based on their work schedule for the day, working from home arrangements, as well as flexible start and finish times.

Another key initiative is our commitment to ensuring new parents are supported. We offer 16 weeks of paid leave for primary carers, regardless of gender with no minimum tenure – inclusive of birth, adoption and surrogacy. Additionally, within the first 12 months of a baby’s life, four weeks paid leave is available to secondary carers, along with flexible return to work options. We also offer an optional ‘Keeping in Touch Plan’ to team members on parental leave, including 10 optional ‘Keeping in Touch’ working days. This allows individuals the opportunity to transition more smoothly back into their role and team, remain connected to the business, become familiar with new or updated processes, and maintain and refresh their skills.

We were also one of the first companies across Australia New Zealand to announce the introduction of a paid miscarriage bereavement leave policy, available to all team members across our trans-Tasman operations. This policy was announced and made effective immediately following legislative changes and we believe this responsiveness demonstrates the ongoing commitment to a supportive, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Diversity in the Workplace

We offer an inclusive work environment for our diverse mix of people regardless of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, marital or family status, religious or cultural background, sexual orientation and gender identity. We also provide a supportive and rewarding working environment that offers a range of development opportunities and benefits.

We’ve recently launched our Diversity Committee, responsible for driving and embedding diversity across the Group. The Committee members have received appropriate training through the Diversity Council of Australia and are charged with ensuring diversity and inclusion are engrained throughout the business. The Committee is also responsible for arranging events such as the “Unlocking your Unconscious Bias Webinar”, through the Diversity Council of Australia. The webinar explored how our own unconscious beliefs can impact who we are and how we behave, both personally and professionally. Our commitment to diversity in the workplace is outlined in the Group’s Diversity Policy, which can be found here.


WGEA Employer of Choice

Eclipx Group is committed and proud to make gender equality an integral component of our workplace practice and business culture.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), has recognised our efforts and we have received the prestigious citation as an Employer of Choice Gender Equality.

The WGEA recognition makes us just one of a small number of leading domestic organisations to achieve this citation and recognises our commitment.

We understand the value gender equality adds to our business and we pride ourselves in offering a workplace that fosters diversity, equality, and inclusion, we are honoured to be an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.



The Group’s vision is to inspire, develop and empower female employee’s by creating networking, ideas sharing and mentoring opportunities and the establishment of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee. The purpose of the committee is to ensure employees are a part of creating a diverse workforce, including enabling women to have the opportunity to meet and learn from each other and to build meaningful connections across the Group. The committee aims to build confidence and independence by providing women with opportunities to learn new skills including wealth building, resilience training and how to juggle family life whilst still having a career.

Paid Volunteer Leave

We encourage and support all our people to safely engage with the communities they live and work in, while also driving engagement and collaboration amongst team members. One day of paid volunteering leave is offered to all permanent and fixed term members (with a contract term of 12 months or more) on an annual basis, so they can take the time out to support a cause they are passionate about, as an individual or as part of a team.

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