Trainee Program

We are proud to offer a robust, planned and well-structured trainee program – it injects talented, smart, motivated and highly driven trainees into our business, while providing trainees with fantastic business experience across operations, sales and customer service. It’s a win-win.


There is a new intake of trainees annually and the program operates over a 12-month period. Participants have an opportunity to work in a range of disciplines across our business. As integral team members with mentors, trainees develop a comprehensive set of soft and hard skills by being immersed in their assigned department/s and gain invaluable paid work experience, helping them to shape their career choices.


Participants have a mentor who works with them to assist in the transition from tertiary studies to corporate life. Participants also allocate 2-hours per week to progress their online business certification and have a dedicated trainer from our RTO provider to assist participants to maintain their studies.

Upon successful completion of their traineeship, some participants have the skills and experience to be well positioned as preferred candidates for roles within Eclipx and most of those are successful in securing a full-time permanent role with Eclipx, while others take their knowledge and experience (and work references) to roles outside Eclipx.

To apply for our trainee program, express your interest via our ‘staying in touch‘ form and also make contact with our trainee partner, ARC Group.

Alex Yu – Trainee to Fleet Services Consultant

A driven and self-motivated individual, Alex Yu applied and was successful in gaining entry as a trainee and is now proudly one of first trainees to complete our 12-month program.

As an individual looking to build his career and gain in-demand skills, Alex recognised that the trainee program offer an invaluable opportunity. When reflecting on the program, Alex said:

“I could see the growth potential that this program offered and knew it would help to prepare me for a professional career in the corporate environment. This was a significant motivator in me completing the certificate. I also built strong, positive relationships and networks within the company which I have further developed – these have really assisted in my transition from trainee to permanent team member.”

Alex joined our Operations division, working as an integral member within the vehicle maintenance team. Through his traineeship, Alex also spent time experiencing the day-to-day workings of the broader fleet services team.

Alex was so successful in the program that he was appointed to a permanent position within Eclipx as a Fleet Services Consultant.

Since taking on the permanent position, Alex has continued to thrive and when recently asked to comment on Alex’s performance, his manager said:

“Alex been a great asset to the business within the fleet services team. He sets a good example – he displays dedication to his full-time work while completing his studies and exams. He goes above and beyond and has completed the traineeship ahead of schedule.”

Want to become a trainee?

If you’re interested in the Eclipx trainee program or know someone who might be, send an expression of interest via our staying in touch form and also make contact with our trainee partner, ARC Group.

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