The Perks

For the purpose of attracting and retaining talented, passionate and driven team members, we understand that offering competitive pay is just part of the total package. That’s why team members at Eclipx also have access to a range of other financial and non-financial benefits.

Just some of the additional benefits on offer include:

Living your best life with a career
that works for you
Starting or extending your family
doesn’t mean stopping your career
Driving your salary further
Learning is life long


Living your best life with a career that works for you

Flexibility goes beyond ‘working from home’ during Covid. Flexibility is about having real conversations with team members to understand their unique circumstances and designing an approach which works for both them and the business.

Flexibility is about variable work hours, compressed working weeks, time-in-lieu, telecommuting, part-time and job share arrangements, access to purchased and unplanned leave, and being open to other options.

We also understand that flexibility is a key enabler of gender equality – the ability to enter, exit and re-enter, or increase or decrease workload and career pace, to suit different life stages – is important.

To support us, we’ve partnered with Flexcareers.

Starting or extending your family doesn’t mean stopping your career

We recognise the value each team member brings to the workplace based on their unique experiences, values, backgrounds, and perspectives which is reflected in all our people polices.

One such example is our gender-equal Parental Leave policy which offers 16 weeks paid parental leave for primary careers, regardless of gender and with no minimum tenure – inclusive of birth, adoption and surrogacy. Additionally, within the first 12 months of a baby’s life, four weeks paid leave is available to secondary carers.

We know that this policy enables greater participation opportunities for all new parents to share caring responsibilities, provides a balance of family and work responsibilities, and improves the return to work options available to all parents wishing to pursue their careers.

Driving your salary further

As one of Australia’s leaders in salary packaging and novated leasing, we (of course) offer these great financial benefits to all our team members and heavily discounted vehicle finance rates.

Plus, team members have access to vehicle buying specialists who can source new cars, vehicle servicing, and maintenance, at heavily discounted rates via our national buying power and supplier network.

Learning is life-long

The types of team members we’re looking for are not satisfied unless they have opportunities for new experiences, are continuously learning, and are stimulated. That’s why we have a range of programs to support team members at all stages of their careers:

• our trainee program offers breadth of experience across a range of disciplines to kick-start a career
• our Multipliers Leadership Training Program is aimed at building people leadership skills
• our inhouse, structured coaching provides peer-to-peer training and learning opportunities

We also offer bespoke development and mentoring opportunities. We know that providing career progression pathways, formal and informal learning, and development opportunities are key to retaining our fantastic team members.

Given the pace at which our business operates and our passion for continuous improvement, there’s also a constant stream of new and exciting transformation projects to get involved in. Team members from all areas of the business have the opportunity to work in cross-functional teams, learn new skills, and work collaboratively – all of which build their professional skills and capability.

Our team members are also proud to be part of a socially responsible organisation.

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