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When you interact with us, it’s likely that you’ll start by talking with one of the members of our People and Culture team. So, here’s a little about 2 of our incredible team members.

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Anna Nicol
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Anna is responsible for recruitment.

“I meet with hiring managers to discuss exactly what qualities they’re looking for in a candidate to fill any vacancies in their team. It then comes down to searching through countless resumes and online platforms to find the perfect candidate that will be successful and become an asset to the company,” said Anna.
Anna’s favourite part of the role is…
“Regularly sitting down with different people across the business and getting to know them, getting to know their teams, and understanding how I can add value to that.”
Reflecting on her own personal and career development at Eclipx, Anna said:
“Eclipx has given me the opportunity to learn a new and very different industry. Fleet leasing has so many complex layers and I am enjoying the opportunity of learning how integral each role at Eclipx is to its success. I started as a co-ordinator in the People and Culture (P&C) team which was a terrific base. I was then invited to move into the recruiting side of the P&C world which I viewed as a really exciting move!
I’ve really needed hone my multi-tasking capability – learning to move fluidly from one task to another and back again is really important and allows me to appropriately action priority tasks. Having a young family, the additional 5 days leave once you have exhausted your annual leave is incredible! I cannot wait to go away travelling in our caravan once the current government restrictions have eased.”
Work life balance for Anna is being able to drop 3 kids off to school in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.
“The flexibility that Eclipx offers to its employees is second to none, it is a relief not having to choose between having a career and having a family.”
Anna is motivated to go the extra mile – go above & beyond when…
“I see everyone in your team regardless of position working hard, putting in so much effort and caring about outcomes – I can’t help but feel motivation to achieve.”

Melissa George
Business Partner

Melissa is responsible for overseeing and positively influencing the employee life cycle at every stage from on-boarding to exit, and everything in between.

Melissa’s favourite part of the role is…developing and maintaining relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, and also ensuring that each employee is positively engaged with their role, their team and the business.

Reflecting on her own personal and career development at Eclipx, Melissa said:
“Having previously worked in the Travel Sector, I was so fortunate to secure a role at Eclipx when it was so badly affected by the pandemic. Eclipx has helped me develop new skills in the P&C space and fostered my passion for people and their engagement whilst at work. I am so happy to have established myself in the P&C world and have the company and my colleagues thank for it. Apart from developing new skills in the P&C space, I was recently fortunate enough to participate in the “Multipliers” Leadership training, which was externally facilitated. This training has provided me with new skills and perspectives in Leadership that I will be able to utilise in moving forward.”
“I love Eclipx because of how much we care about team members. I have seen first-hand how we have supported our people through a pandemic, with initiatives like virtual workouts for those stuck at home in a lockdown and access to a wonderful EAP service. Nothing about this past year has been easy but Eclipx has given their people the tools to be at their best.”
One of the Eclipx perks which Melissa really enjoys is…access to virtual gym classes
“Being quite an active person and attending the gym, I really struggled last year when Melbourne went into a hard lockdown for nearly 4 months. Eclipx gave all employees access to virtual gym classes during this time. I can honestly say that these classes helped not only boost my mindset but also given me the motivation to get through lockdown monotony. It also goes without saying that I really do enjoy the flexible work arrangements we currently have in place, too.”
The work life balance offer suit Melissa well.
“As a mother to two primary school aged children, I love that I have the flexibility to be there for them when they need me. Eclipx really supports parents in being actively involved in the day-to-day life of their children – be it working from home, doing school pick up or drop off, or being able to attend a school function, I always feel supported in choosing my children first.”
Going the extra mile is natural when it’s clear that our leaders of the business have a clear vision for the future.
“There has been so much change over the past 18 months, and during this time we have really established such a great culture among our people. I am excited for what the future will bring and I am motivated to work hard for our Leaders to help get us there!”

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