Sarah McInnes: Making the most of opportunities

Sarah McInnes

After completing a communications degree with majors in journalism and public relations, Sarah McInnes was not expecting to end up in a sales role for a fleet management company – but that’s exactly what Sarah did and she couldn’t be happier.

Sarah has worked her way up the ranks over eight years and is now a Project Manager.

“I completed my communications degree in 2008 at the time of the GFC when there were very few opportunities so I was very open to whatever came my way,” explains Sarah.

After being introduced to FleetPartners – an Eclipx Group business since 2014 – at a recruitment day, she joined the company not long after.

Eclipx Group is an established leader in vehicle fleet leasing, fleet management and diversified financial services across Australia and New Zealand, comprising a suite of diversified brands including FleetPartners – a leading leasing and fleet management company that manages over 50,000 vehicles across Australia and New Zealand.

Sarah’s journey within Eclipx has been varied, but a constant theme has been her curiosity and motivation to seize opportunities.

Sarah’s first role was as a Novated Sales Consultant where she got a thorough understanding of the business and how all the parts work together. She then moved on to work as a Customer Support Officer which added another piece to the FleetPartners puzzle, providing her with an end to end understanding of customer needs.

A few years later Sarah applied for a role in FleetPartners’ purchasing team where she remained for three years, then moving into a workforce planning role which had a process improvement focus and tied into her ambition to land a project management role.

“Being in the business for a while really helped me secure all of my roles. I’ve been focused on talking to as many people as possible over the past eight years and as a result I have a lot of business knowledge and have become aware of the different possibilities available to me within Eclipx,” says Sarah.

In 2015 Sarah became a Project Manager for Eclipx Group and is responsible for managing a variety of complex projects which support the business to grow and innovate.

Sarah’s advice to those who are starting their career within Eclipx is to always be curious and motivated:

“Eclipx offers great opportunities across all of their businesses. You can get your foot in the door, learn about each of the businesses and progress from there. I’ve been lucky with the opportunities I’ve had but I’ve also made the most of them. I’ve worked hard and I’ve been motivated and curious.

“I started as a graduate and knew nothing about cars and fleet management and now I am managing some of Eclipx’s major projects.”

Eclipx Group comprises Fleet Partners, FleetPlus, FleetChoice, Auto Select,, Right2Drive, GraysOnline and Eclipx Commercial. To learn more about your next opportunity within Eclipx or our graduate program visit our careers website.