Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a high priority at Eclipx, and we continuously provide our people with opportunities to participate in environmental, social and sustainability programs to support both national causes and their individual communities.

Volunteering & Community Support

At Eclipx, we are committed to supporting our community through paid Volunteering Leave. This benefit is open to all employees who are encouraged to take one day of paid leave per year to work with one of our corporate community partners, or a charity of their choice.

In addition to volunteering leave, many community events are held across the business. For the past two years, the Group has taken part in Steptember with the goal of raising funds and awareness for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an organisation committed to supporting those living with cerebral palsy in Australia.

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Case Study: Anglicare


FleetPartners in Australia has a strong partnership with Anglicare Victoria, a charity supporting over 80,000 vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians in our community every year.

FleetPartners have provided the Broadmeadows Women’s Community House with a bus to enable women to travel to and from the House.

For many of these women, the bus is the only way they can attend sessions with a safe and supportive group, with other women who speak their language and understand life’s challenges.

To ensure the House is welcoming and a place the women feel comfortable attending, a group of our employees spent a day with the women, filling garden beds in preparation for the launch.

In addition to the House, FleetPartners employees attend the annual event ‘Altitude Shift’ where they test their nerve by abseiling off the top of one of Melbourne’s skyscrapers in order to raise funds for Anglicare.

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Case Study: House with No Steps

FleetPlus have an exciting new partnership with House with No Steps, one of Australia’s leading disability service providers. For many Australians with a disability, the prospect of accepting a life of unemployment is all too common. But with organisations like House with No Steps, people with disabilities can gain work experience in a nurturing environment, learn new skills and have more independence by earning their own wage.

“We strive to ensure people with a disability are able to realise their dreams – whether that means moving out of home, finding a job they love, or becoming active members of the community.”
Bianca Smith, Fundraising Officer at House with No Steps

To support their vision FleetPlus will be employing House with No Steps staff to assemble our Driver Welcome Packs as we head into 2018. We look forward to seeing our new partnership flourish and welcome fundraising activities for all our staff, clients and customers to get involved with. Through our combined support, we can help more people with disabilities reach their dreams!

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Case Study: Duffy Books

FleetPartners in New Zealand, in conjunction with Mazda, has a longstanding partnership of 15 years with Duffy Books in Homes. Duffy Books (the Alan Duff Charitable Foundation) aims to increase literacy levels of children by providing free books to over 100,000 New Zealand children, three times a year.

FleetPartners provides two Mazda Wagons free of charge to this charity to assist with the delivery of books across New Zealand.

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12 days of Christmas Giving Program


2017 marked the tenth consecutive year of FleetPlus‘s 12 Days of Christmas Giving Program.

Each year, our staff, clients and customers hand select 12 deserving charities to receive one of our donations over 12 consecutive days in the lead up to Christmas.

In previous years, FleetPlus have enthusiastically shown support to the wider community by donating to organisations like the RSPCA, Salvation Army and Westmead Children’s Hospital, to name a few. Each donation and show of support goes a long way in helping each charity pursue their vision of a stronger community.

In 2017, we helped support a few fresh faces like CPL – Choice Passion Life (previously Cerebral Palsy League), Love Your Sister and the Make A Wish Foundation, in New Zealand.

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Partnership with Clean Energy Finance Corporation

At Eclipx, we have introduced solutions to help tackle environmental challenges, both by reducing the direct environmental impact of our operations, and collaborating with others to help minimise our indirect footprint.

By partnering with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), we are increasing the uptake of low emissions vehicles to accelerate Australia’s transformation to a more competitive economy in a carbon constrained world. The $50 million funding structure that has been established as part of Eclipx’s partnership with CEFC provides corporate, government and not-for-profit fleet customers with access to discounted interest rates when choosing eligible lower emissions passenger and light commercial vehicles.

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Humanitarian Refugee Support

Our Right2Drive business has commenced supporting humanitarian refugees by providing casual employees with a view to creating a pathway to permanent employment. The business has provided support with language programs, vocational interpreters and agencies to ensure successful skill building and workplace integration.